Harry Galer

Harry Galer ACBA Past President ('13-'14)

ACBA Past President ('13-'14)

Harry Galer moved to Ashe County in 2002 from Annapolis, MD after retiring from the Clark Construction Group, as their Corporate Director of Health and Safety. Harry continued to work from his Ashe County office for Zurich Services Corp as a Construction Risk Engineering consultant retiring full time in 2010. He now enjoys caring for his bee colonies, gardening and brewing a mild barley drink from time to time. Harry also volunteers at the New River Conservancy as a North Carolina Water Watcher, monitoring the quality of water entering the New River.

He became interested in the care of bees after watching a video showing the current threat to the health of bees throughout the world. Since then he has had bee colonies as guests at his home in the Chestnut Hill area and has taken courses at NC State and here in Ashe County to learn more about the care and management of bee colonies.

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