Helen Baldwin ACBA Vice President

Helen Baldwin

ACBA Vice President

Helen Baldwin and her husband, Randy, left their Fort Worth stomping grounds in 1985, arriving in Ashe County after stints in Columbia, SC, and Lenoir one week before a rather significant blizzard hit at the end of 1995. It’s been ‘never dull’ ever since! Helen was a special ed teacher for several years in Columbia before retiring to be a mama, school volunteer, and football coach’s wife and tending to more than a few other little items along the way. She’s written a book (The Jeffrey Journey) and worked on myriad music projects with her mother, and their rental cabin (Angel Mountain Cabin) and carpet dry-cleaning business keep her out of trouble most of the time. When it looked like Randy was close to easing into retirement from education, they celebrated with Mexican food and decided to add beekeeping to the mix to keep them young and alert... or something. Randy and his brother had kept a few bees when they were teenagers; thankfully, the protective gear has improved since then, as some of those memories weren’t so fond! Helen and Randy’s first two hives failed to make it through the winter, but last year’s girls did fine, and they’ve actually caught a swarm or two this year to add to the family (definitely more fun than watching them fly OFF). Randy, a doting Bee Daddy, has kept himself buzzing by assembling hive hardware, extracting honey (nice payback!), helping fellow beekeepers as he can, and enjoying the newest family addition... a pup named Honey!

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