Randy Baldwin ACBA President ('15)

Randy Baldwin

ACBA President ('15)

Randy Baldwin and his wife, Helen, originally hailed from Fort Worth, Texas. Randy’s love of sports (speedskating, bicycle racing, unicycle riding, football, baseball, etc., etc., etc.) and nutrition led him to major in physical education and health before initiating a football/occasional baseball coaching career that spanned a lotta years from Fort Worth, to Columbia, South Carolina, then to Caldwell, Watauga, and Wilkes counties in North Carolina. He and Helen and their family landed in Ashe over 19 years ago and vowed to stay put. After coaching too many years to count, he put the balls away for the last time in the spring of 2013 and switched gears from the circus of education to the miracle of bees without skipping a beat. He and his brother had bees as teens in Fort Worth, but with the insufficient protective gear (way) back then, he wasn’t overly motivated to continue being a stinger magnet. He’s an official journeyman beekeeper now, though, and after a loss of both hives the first year, he’s been pleased - and relieved - to have been greeted by some industrious bees in the spring the past couple of years. He’s also building up a business assembling wooden ware, extracting honey, and teaching introductory beekeeping classes at Wilkes Community College/Wilkes campus. He enjoys helping new beekeepers and looks forward to working even more with fellow beekeepers (and learning from them!) as the ACBA president for 2015. In his spare 'retirement' time, Randy continues to work his magic in the kitchen. Helen's happy to let him because she's no fool.

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