Doug Ehrhardt ACBA Secretary

Doug Ehrhardt

ACBA Secretary

Doug Ehrhardt came to Ashe County to retire "full time" in 2007 after a 30 year career in medical entomology in the U.S. Navy. He received a direct commission after completing a masters degree in insect toxicology at the University of Missouri...for 18 years he was assigned to various operational tours of duty in both the U.S. and overseas. The Navy also sent him to out-service training for a Ph.D. degree at the Oklahoma State University. During his final 12 years on active duty he served in various R&D assignments. Upon retiring in '07 to Ashe County, Doug's wife Cathy - a retired advanced biology teacher - suggested beekeeping as a way to fill our day! While Doug's formal education was in horseflies (family Tabanidae), our journey - now in it's 4th full year - has been challenging, rewarding, frustrating and fun! Doug is sorry he didn't begin sooner, but knows full well that there is always more to learn. Once that first harvest of honey was in jars, we were hooked.

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