2015 ACBA Meetings

Scheduled Speakers/Activities

* Each of the regular 2015 ACBA meetings will be prefaced with a variety of short topics/information (to be announced). There will be some workshops, and hands on opportunities for new beekeeper's throughout the summer as well (to be announced).

- March - Bee Aware team from Boone Bee Club.

- April - Jim Miles, if available. Topic: Hive splitting and Q&A's from group.

- May - Methods on how to catch swarms, fielding Q&A's from beekeepers in the meeting.

- June - Panel and sharing differing likes of equipment used, possibly with some show and tell.

- July - James Wilkes. Topic: diseases and treatments.

- August - Joy Lewis. Topic: use of Essential Oils.

- September - Member show and tell: Readying hives / winter preparations.

- October - Beekeeping Bazaar.

- November - Elections and Association pot luck meal together.

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