Ashe County Beekeeping Association (ACBA) October 12, 2107

Ashe County Beekeeping Association (ACBA)

October 12, 2107

* The final, regular business meeting of the Ashe County Beekeepers Association was held on October 14, 2017 at which time Greg Fariss, NC State Beekeeper for counties including Ashe, spoke on winter hive preparations...thanks, Greg. Before his remarks, Julia Houck, County Executive Director of the USDA Farm Service Agency briefly described a program for small farmers, including beekeepers to receive funding for losses due to various circumstances. Open the meeting minutes here.

* At the end of the meeting, raffle and door prizes were awarded, as follows:

- Jeff Taylor was the recipient of the raffle for the anniversary mini-hive made by H.S. was mini-hive # 7 and represents the seven years that the ACBA has been in existence.

Other door prizes:

- Raven Pruitt - Queen Catcher

- Jeff Taylor - hive tool

- Paulette Lawrence - smoker fuel

- Julie Smith - ACBA Hat

- Shirley Long - tee shirt

- Liam Jerkins - jar of candy

- Doug Galloway - jar of candy

- Greg Lyon - queen catcher

- David Tanner - Oxalic Acid kit

* The ACBA November meeting will be the final meeting in 2017. Click here for information.

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