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ACBA will be at Christmas in July in West Jefferson July 2, 2022

ACBA will be at Christmas in July in West Jefferson

July 2, 2022

Hello to all,

It's official! Our application for the Christmas in July Festival was accepted on Friday.


We need at least three people per two-hour shift. More is even better. Set up and clean-up are critically important slots. If you are not available to help, please stop by to say hello at the booth and refer others. We will be in Booth 52 and our load-in time is at 6AM at First Citizens Bank. Essentially, we need to unload, move our vehicles, and set up our booth as quickly as possible to allow other vendors to also set up (unloading time is 15 minutes).



6AM-8AM, Set-up - Raven Crews

8AM-10AM - Ken Jenkins

10AM to Noon - Linda Katsoudas, Deborah and Craig Weinstein

Noon to 2PM - Louise Rascoe

2PM to 4PM - Jeff and Shirley Vestal

4PM-6PM, Clean-up - Raven Crews

Rovers (help at non-specific times) - Matt Rumfelt

Main objectives:

1. Educate the public about honeybees and beekeeping

2. Recruit new interest in the ACBA

3. Fundraise for the ACBA (t-shirt sales)

4. Create economic opportunities for beekeepers


- Posters, handouts, etc. (Raven Crews)

- Cooler with Water & Ice (Wayne & Kim Pitts)

- Educational posters and demonstration hive (Jim Rash)

- T-shirts (Raven Crews)

- Honey and other products? So far, we do not have any. If you have something to sell, speak up.

- We will not have an observation hive – too stressful on the bees for a 10 hour outing in the summer heat. Feel free to refer learners to the Honey Hole to see Charlie and Shelley's hive.

This will be an important event for the ACBA - please help!


Wayne Pitts

ACBA President

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