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ACBA Meetings and Upcoming Classes for 2022 & 2023

November 10, 2022

Keep in mind that the ACBA will continue to meet through the winter, although with a bit different format for December, January, and February. For these three months, we will offer special workshops on intermediate beekeeping skills, many that are relevant to the Journeyman exam and practical exercises. The Winter Beekeeping Workshops (during regularly scheduled ACBA meetings) will include the following topics:

December 8: Honeybee Biology Anatomy, Social Organization, Bee Pests, and Bee Diseases

January 12: Beekeeping History, Equipment and Managing Honeybee Wellbeing, and Pesticides

February 9: Plants, Pollination, Harvesting and Marketing Honeybee Products, and NCSBA

FYI, Jim Rash will be leading an Advanced Beekeeping Class through Wilkes Community College (Ashe Campus) beginning in the Spring that will build on these topics and further prepare participants to seek certification and/or study their Journeyman Exam.

Best regards,

Wayne Pitts

ACBA President

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