Regular Meeting of the ACBA July 9, 2015

Regular Meeting of the ACBA

July 9, 2015

* The regular meeting of the ACBA was held on July 9, 2015 at the Ashe County Agriculture Center in Jefferson, NC.

* The evening program consisted of a panel discussion by ACBA President Randy Baldwin, Program Manager Joy Lewis and guest James Wilkes, owner of Faith Mountain Farms and developer of Hive Tracks.

* Minutes of the meeting can be read here: 7/9/15 Meeting Minutes

* Before the start of the meeting, Bob Cole had samples of several plants for demonstration that are pollen sources for bees. Scroll over the thumbnail photographs to the right to see:

- Basswood

- Bee balm

- Corkscrew willow

- Golden rain tree

- Kiwi vine with kiwis

- Korean dogwood

- Orchard mint with parasitic Dodder infestation

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