NUCs, NUCs and more NUCs!

March 24, 2020

* A posting from Pam Anderson of the Watauga Beekeeping Association...


- Sullivan Wilkes:

Sullivan Wilkes is taking deposits for 5 frame nuc in Jester E-Z nuc box. 3 frames of bees and brood, 1-2 frames of stores. 2020 queen (bred from our surviving stock). Will be ready to transfer immediately. Estimated pick up date TBT (most likely end of April) at Faith mountain farm and Millers Creek, NC. To reserve your nucs, a deposit can be purchased here Cost of the nuc is $175 with the balance due at pickup. If you have any questions you can contact Sullivan at

Sullivan Wilkes. Faith Mountain farms (Beekeeper)

Hive Tracks (Support specialist).

- Hidden Happiness Bee Farm/H.S. Greene:

I am taking orders for nucs know they are $175.00. They will be available in early April.

Contact info: / 336-957-0275

- Larry Cox:

I will have a few five frame nucs available this spring. They will have an established laying marked VSH queen. Cost is $150; the same as last year. Availability depends somewhat on the weather, but sometime around the first part of May.

Larry Cox


- Randy Baldwin:

Randy is offering two options:

If you have your own hive box, purchase just the bees (talk to him about details) for $150;

If you don’t already have woodenware, he will have a complete set-up available for $450. The set-up, with bees, will be a complete ‘deluxe’ hive, including super and frames, spacers, inner cover with feeder, mouse guard, and more. In addition, he will provide treatment for the first year and a ‘when-to-do-what’ calendar.

For more info: 336-977-9167

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