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ACBA regular meeting

October 10, 2019

* Greetings, and happy October!

* The featured speaker at the Thursday, October 10th meeting is Greg Fariss, NC Apiary Inspector for our area. Greg has spoken to our group several times, and while his presentation typically focuses on pests and diseases, he’s always been open to answer questions related to other matters.

* Hope to see you at the County Extension Office - meetings are held at the Ashe County Agricultural Center Office, located at 134 Government Center Drive, Jefferson, NC...meetings begin at 7 PM, but food (pizza and Maggie’s delicious treats) and good company are available at @ 6:30 PM :)

Other Notes:

* Dues for 2020 will be taken Thursday, so if you’d like to get that out of the way, Liam will be happy to oblige. Dues remain the same: Individual - $10, Family - $15.

* Incredible as it seems, this will be our final regular meeting of the year!!! Our annual end-of-the-year potluck dinner will be held next month (November 14), so mark the date! More info will be provided over the next few weeks.

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