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Ashe County Beekeepers

Thanks to all who attended our wonderful potluck at the park this past Thursday - what a fun time everyone had - and as always - the food was delicious!

I wanted to send out a reminder about the opportunity to visit "de la CRUZ" farms this coming Tuesday, July 25 - at 6:00 pm to see honey extracting done on a huge scale. Jeff Brookes, owner/operator at the farm has been beekeeping for many years, and has one of the largest inline commercial honey extractors in production. It is a fascinating and educational opportunity to see hundreds of frames of honey being extracted in an automated environment. You are welcome to come watch, ask questions, and just learn more about the honey process! Todd Swanson will be present, and if you follow this link to the farm website - you can see directions and more about what they do.

If you need directions, the "honey house" is across the street from the farm in Deep Gap and directly next door to the Deep Gap fire department.

Following the fun with extracting, Todd is bringing some ice cream and toppings so we can sit outside on the front porch and talk about all the fun things we have seen, or just ask questions to other beekeepers! It will be a fun event you won't want to miss! Come join us or call Todd Swanson at (704) 713-6357 for more details!

Don't miss this fantastic opportunity!

Wayne Pitts, President

Ashe County Beekeepers Association

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Important Information from Ken Jenkins for President Wayne Pitts July 9, 2023

Important Information from Ken Jenkins for President Wayne Pitts

July 9, 2023

ACBA Members:

The ACBA has started planning for next year and we’d like your input into the make-up of the Leadership Team. If you are interested in serving in one of the roles listed below or would like to nominate someone else, please respond to this email by July 19th. If you have questions about the roles or the nominations process, please contact Ken Jenkins ( or Jim (

Leadership Roles:

• President

• Vice President

• Secretary

• Treasurer

• Program Chairperson

• Board Member

Also, please check with David Tanner (Treasurer) at the next meeting about the status of your 2023 Membership Dues.

Ken Jenkins / Jim Rash

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