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March Meeting of the ACBA


A message from Wayne Pitts

Hello to all!

I have Spring Fever, though I expect more cold weather and even snow might be in our future. I certainly hope your bees have thrived through the winter. We've had losses but from what I've heard, most beekeepers are reporting solid success at overwintering their colonies.

Our next ACBA meeting will be this Thursday (3/9) at 6PM at the Agricultural Extension Office in Jefferson, behind Bojangles. Notice the time - we meet at 6PM. Also, if you have an item or two to donate for door prize drawings we always appreciate them!

We'll have pizza available at 5:30PM if you want to come a bit early and catch up with fellow beekeepers. We have an exciting agenda planned with Todd and Donna Swanson speaking on two important topics. Please plan to attend!

Best regards,

Wayne Pitts, President

Ashe County Beekeepers Association

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ACBA Regular Meeting


A note from President Wayne Pitts:

Hello to all,

Looks like we might have a couple of good days to take a peek inside our hives this week. I sure hope so. I'm pleased to report that the WCC Beginning Beekeeping Class met this week with 15 students enrolled!

We will have the final "winter" meeting of the ACBA on Thursday, February 9 from 6-8PM. As for topics, we'll be discussing

* Honeybee Seasonal Life

* Plants, Pollination

* Harvesting and Marketing Honeybee Products

I look forward to seeing you all there!

Best regards,

Wayne Pitts, President

Ashe County Beekeepers Association

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Wayne Pitts Note About Upcoming Meeting

January 12, 2023

Hello to all!

Happy New Year to all! Kim and I are just back from the 2023 Hive Life Conference in Sevierville, TN. Wow - what an experience! I was so pleased to see about a dozen ACBA and other Ashe County beekeepers there. Besides the Roarks, all of our local bee vendors were there. I think Northwest NC was well represented. Start making plans to go next year.

We will be meeting this Thursday, January 12 from 6-8PM. The format is a little different in the winter months. Travis Birdsall from the Ashe County Agricultural Extension Office will make a presentation and we will continue with some more in-depth discussions of honey bee diseases, beekeeping history, and pesticides. We'll have pizza too!

The Wilkes Community College Ashe Campus will be offering the Beginner Beekeeping Class again this Spring and the ACBA is offering scholarships to cover tuition ($70) and 2023 dues ($15) for applicants who are selected. Last year, we funded three scholarships and there could be more this year. Please share the attached flyer within your social networks and encourage your friends and neighbors to apply. We hope you will apply too!

The Beginner Class (AGR-3001-308 Beginning Beekeeping (63594)) is held on Mondays from 6-9PM, Feb 6-Mar 27. Also, there is an Advanced Beekeeping class (AGR-3001-309 Advanced Beekeeping (63595) being offered at the WCC Ashe Campus on Tuesday nights from 6-9PM from Feb 28 to Apr 18)! I am already aware of 6 persons who intend to take the course, besides Kim and me. Please sign up and encourage others to take a look. Here's the schedule of classes where you can register:

Best regards,

Wayne Pitts

ACBA President

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ACBA Scholarship Announced! January 5, 2023

ACBA Scholarship Announced!

January 5, 2023


Please link to the below PDF which has information about the new scholarship being offered by the Ashe County Beekeeping Association!

Great news and hopefully many, many will look to apply...

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ScholarshipFlier (4) (pdf 549.4 Kb)

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ACBA Meetings and Upcoming Classes for 2022 & 2023

November 10, 2022

Keep in mind that the ACBA will continue to meet through the winter, although with a bit different format for December, January, and February. For these three months, we will offer special workshops on intermediate beekeeping skills, many that are relevant to the Journeyman exam and practical exercises. The Winter Beekeeping Workshops (during regularly scheduled ACBA meetings) will include the following topics:

December 8: Honeybee Biology Anatomy, Social Organization, Bee Pests, and Bee Diseases

January 12: Beekeeping History, Equipment and Managing Honeybee Wellbeing, and Pesticides

February 9: Plants, Pollination, Harvesting and Marketing Honeybee Products, and NCSBA

FYI, Jim Rash will be leading an Advanced Beekeeping Class through Wilkes Community College (Ashe Campus) beginning in the Spring that will build on these topics and further prepare participants to seek certification and/or study their Journeyman Exam.

Best regards,

Wayne Pitts

ACBA President

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New 2023 Officers

November 10, 2022

The new elected officers for 2023.

President - Wayne Pitts

Vice President - Todd Swanson

Secretary - Ken Jenkins

Treasurer - David Tanner

Program Director - Louise Rascoe

Board of Directors - Helen Baldwin, Jim Rash, (Teri Goodman has 2 years remaining on her term)

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Regular ACBA Meeting

November 10, 2022

A message from the President, Wayne Pitts:

Hello Fellow Beekeepers,

We will have our annual potluck meeting this Thursday, November 10th at 7PM at the Agricultural Extension Office (behind Bojangles. We sure hope you will come! This is a great time to bring a new beekeeper or enthusiast visitor.

To ensure that we have a good distribution of food and drink, I recommend the following assignments by last name:

A-J: Main Dish

K-Q: Side Dish

R-Z: Desserts

The ACBA will provide a cooler of water and a variety of sodas and paper plates, cups, etc.

Remember: We will be electing new officers. please don't forget to make your nominations by clicking here.

Take care,


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