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ACBA Final Regular Meeting

November 14, 2019

* The final of the ACBA was our meeting/potluck dinner on November 14th!

* All were welcomed to come any time after ‪6:30‬.

* If you are able to come, please contact Maggie as soon as possible (‪336-982-4104‬ or and let her know how many will be in your party and what you will bring (please also let her know if you are unable to attend so she’ll know you received this). Delicious surprises are always welcomed, but it’s also nice to know at least some of what’s coming in order to fill in blanks! The main meat will be smoked brisket, provided by ACBA; however any other meat dish is welcomed, along with anything else! This is an appreciative group :)

* Also, please consider volunteering for Program Chair. Maggie has done a terrific job for 3 years and is ready to pass the torch. The Program Chair does NOT need to worry about following Maggie in the snack department! Pizza will still be served, and I’m pretty sure plenty of us will be happy to help out in some way. There will also be plenty of help planning the programs! A Program Chair needs to be named at the meeting or shortly after in order to be submitted to NCSBA. Again, the Program Chair will have help with the planning!

* Project reminder: Randy and I have known Sarah Goodman for over 20 years and have supported her generous projects in the past. Two years ago, ACBA members donated enough small jars of honey that every box had one! If you have honey (or anything else) you would like to donate to this exceptional cause and/or you have questions, please contact me if you don’t know Sarah, and I’ll pass it on to her.

- The deadline for donations is ‪November 21‬; if you have honey, I will be happy to meet you somewhere and take all that is collected to the drop-off (Mount Jefferson Motors in Jefferson) by then. If you have other donations, I’ll be happy to take that as well, or you can drop it off yourself. If you have any honey, you can label it yourself, or I’ll put ‘Ashe Beekeepers’ and a short greeting on it. If you drop it off at Mount Jefferson Motors, please let me know so I can see what else is needed. Thanks!

- It’s that time of year again, time for The Praise Brigade’s 7th Annual Hospice Thanksgiving Boxes. Each year the Praise Brigade, which is a group of 20+ girls from elementary to high school age, get together and fill boxes with everything needed for a complete Thanksgiving meal all the way down to the rolls and pumpkin pie. We work with Jennifer B. Richardson at Medi Home Hospice who then distributes these meals to their patients. Each year our number increases so we could use your help. We have 36 meals to do this year. Any boxes left over we give to needy families. If you would like to do a box I have put a list of items below. You can also help by donating rolls, pies, gift cards (for turkey or ham) or cash or check and we can do the shopping for you. These items can be dropped off at Mount Jefferson Motors across from Farm Bureau in Jefferson. No donation is too small. The sweet thank you cards we receive back each year show that we are making a difference. Any questions contact me or Becky Carlton Greer.

Items that go in a complete box:

Large can of corn

Large can of green beans

Cranberry Sauce

Large box of Mac N Cheese

Large Box of instant potatoes or a bag of potatoes

Cake mix/icing
Stuffing Mix

Pumpkin Pie ( the ones from the bakery)

$10 gift card to purchase ham or turkey

We also add items such as jello, applesauce, napkins etc..

These items will need to be dropped off by ‪November 21st.‬

* * * * *

Hope to see you Thursday!

Other Notes:

* Dues for 2020 will be taken Thursday, so if you’d like to get that out of the way, Liam will be happy to oblige. Dues remain the same: Individual - $10, Family - $15.

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Alleghany County Beekeepers Seminar by Greg Farris

March 15, 2020

The below message was forwarded from Jack Cahn on the Subject: Re: Alleghany County Beekeepers Seminar by Greg Farris

* Any message that starts with the phrase "out of an abundance of caution" is surely going to be followed by disappointing news.

* But in addition to caution, it is now critical that individual needs be made secondary to those of society. It is clear that aggressive social distancing is our primary weapon against the COVID-19 pandemic.

* Therefore the Monday, March 16 bee class is cancelled.

* A decision will be made later regarding the regularly scheduled April meeting.

* Please have a look at the below post...

Jack Cahn

Click here:

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Beekeeping Class Planned for 2020

March 9 - April 27, 2020

* If anyone is interested in taking a beekeeping class, this one should be terrific!

* ACBA member, Jim Rash will be teaching a class at Wilkes Community College; the class begins the first week in March at the Ashe Campus, 6:00 - 9:00 9 PM.

* For more information contact Becky Greer, 336-903-3117 or via e-mail,

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Beekeeping Class @ WCC/Ashe

October 7, 2019 to November 25, 2019

* ACBA member, Jim Rash, will be teaching again at WCC/Ashe this fall - Intermediate Beekeeping. We know it will be a good class!

* Jim has provided contact info below, so don’t hesitate to holler if you’d like to learn more!

- Wilkes Community College Intermediate Beekeeping class

- Mondays 6-9 PM, Ashe Campus

- October 7 through November 25th

- Cost - $70

* Interested or for more information and to preregister, contact Becky Greer at 336.903.3117 or

- Jim will email a tentative syllabus if desired.

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On-Line Beekeeping Course

October 15, 2019

* Helen Baldwin provided information which she received via e-mail from Bob Jones of the Alleghany beekeeping group regarding a free, on-line beekeeping course that will be provided by the Alabama Cooperative Extension System which begins on October 15, 2019.

* Click here for more information.

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Beekeeping Class @ Hidden Happiness Bee Farm July 22, 24 and 26 - 3 hours/night

Beekeeping Class @ Hidden Happiness Bee Farm

July 22, 24 and 26 - 3 hours/night

* See the attached, downloadable file with information about a beekeeping class that H.S. Greene will be holding at his Hidden Happiness Bee Farm.

* Class is limited to 20 people.

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IMG 1093 (jpg 1.5 Mb)

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Beginning Beekeeping Class

February 12 - March 12, 2019

- H.S. Greene is now taking applications for a beginner beekeeping course that will be held in 2019.

The six week course will Include beekeeping history, honey bee biology, pests and diseases, colony management, colony observation, hands on wooden ware assembly, beekeeping choices for optimum equipment acquisition and use. Apiary visits for students at HHBF per schedule with signed waver of liability.

- NCSBA Master Beekeeper Program Certified Level written beekeeper exam will be offered to qualified students on the last class day. The Certified Level Practical exam will be offered in July, 2019.

- Price per student including text: $140.00

Need more information?

- (336)-957-0275


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HHBF Winter 2019 BBC (pdf 75 Kb)

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