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I want to equalize my hives. I am pretty new to all this and I would love to have someone here who actually knows what they are doing. Would someone be willing to coach and supervise me doing an inspection, and moving some brood aound? I think I would feel much more confident with someone here...I'll do the work!

says: julie ---#1 id:1401305642 Posted 07/28/15, 16:51

I might mention that the varroa mite infestation has started, and we need to be vigilant taking mite counts to see what kind of IPM is needed....and be deciding when to do it. I had word that a experienced BK off the mountain said they were plowing through many hives!!! :O

says: beesygirl ---#2 id:1401305642 Posted 08/08/14, 15:40

If I understand your question, the panelists at the July 10 meeting discussed a range of topics that pertain to where to find information. One panelist, James Wilkes, is an ASU Professor who developed Hive Tracks, an application that enables beekeepers to manager their hives. I believe his app can be found @ www.hivetracks.com. I hope this is the information you are looking for...when you visit the site, it should provide information about platforms on which the app will work.

says: doug ---#3 id:1401305642 Posted 07/13/14, 02:18

What is the name of the app mentioned at last nights meeting? Also, is it available for Droid? 



says: natjilljohn ---#4 id:1401305642 Posted 07/11/14, 14:37

Heartily support beesygirl's recommendation to feed when there isn't a lot of indication of feeding going on with natural resources. I opened my hive to adjust a super and was met with an angry response by the "girls" who perhaps though I was trying to take some of their reserves!! Keeping plenty of honey for them in their supers is important and they let me know about it!

says: doug ---#5 id:1401305642 Posted 06/19/14, 12:40

Responding to hrsecreekbees...sounds like things are going well with your efforts, and that of your bees. If there is a lot of larvae and capped brood in the super, you might want to consider opening your hive, examining the super for the queen and then "encouraging" her to return to the hive body. Perhaps move the frame on which she is active (short term). Then put a queen restricter between the hive body and the super. Any other suggestions out there??

says: doug ---#6 id:1401305642 Posted 06/19/14, 11:32

Folks, I am getting reports of BK's whose hives are not experiencing any strong nectar flow from different parts of the county. It would be wise to check your hives to see if there is adequate nectar and pollen for them, and perhaps supply some feeding at this time. If they have enough in the blossoms, they won't take the sugar syrup - or little to none of it. If they are hungry, they will gobble it up! I thought I'd better check it out, and my girls took in a HALF gallon within 12 HOURS! If you don't want to supplement with 1:1 syrup, make sure there is enough honey in the supers for them to eat on. Better safe than sorry are my sentiments, for the few showers we have had, have been spotty at best....

says: beesygirl ---#7 id:1401305642 Posted 06/18/14, 12:08

New bee keeper here. I have a question. Original nuc had to be split mid April. Both hives seem to be doing well. However!!!....the original hive has a hive body and a med. super. I noticed today there are lots of larva and capped brood in the super. Some in the hive body but not so much. What needs to be done if anything? Thanks for the help.

says: horsecreekbees ---#8 id:1401305642 Posted 06/13/14, 15:16

This is a test of the ACBA Blog application...other ACBA members are encouraged to submit questions or other topics for discussion among Association members.

says: doug ---#9 id:1401305642 Posted 05/28/14, 15:43

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