Regular Meeting of the ACBA August 13, 2015
Regular Meeting of the ACBA

Regular Meeting of the ACBA

August 13, 2015

* The regular meeting of the ACBA was held on August 13, 2015 at the Ashe County Agriculture Center in Jefferson, NC to a packed audience of 28 Ashe County beekeepers and guests.

* The evening program consisted of an exceptionally informative presentation by Greg Fariss, regional Apiary Inspector for Ashe County - as seen in the thumbnail picture to the right - covering a variety of topics including winter hive preparations, diseases and viruses associated with Varroa mites and treatment for Varroa mites.

* Minutes of the meeting can be read here: 8/13/15 Meeting Minutes

* As part of the presentation, Greg shared a handout dealing with sampling colonies for Varroa mites.

* A promising new treatment option for controlling Varroa mites was also discussed and the product data sheet for Oxylic acid dihydrate was handed out.

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