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Ashe County Beekeepers

Thanks to all who attended our wonderful potluck at the park this past Thursday - what a fun time everyone had - and as always - the food was delicious!

I wanted to send out a reminder about the opportunity to visit "de la CRUZ" farms this coming Tuesday, July 25 - at 6:00 pm to see honey extracting done on a huge scale. Jeff Brookes, owner/operator at the farm has been beekeeping for many years, and has one of the largest inline commercial honey extractors in production. It is a fascinating and educational opportunity to see hundreds of frames of honey being extracted in an automated environment. You are welcome to come watch, ask questions, and just learn more about the honey process! Todd Swanson will be present, and if you follow this link to the farm website - you can see directions and more about what they do.


If you need directions, the "honey house" is across the street from the farm in Deep Gap and directly next door to the Deep Gap fire department.

Following the fun with extracting, Todd is bringing some ice cream and toppings so we can sit outside on the front porch and talk about all the fun things we have seen, or just ask questions to other beekeepers! It will be a fun event you won't want to miss! Come join us or call Todd Swanson at (704) 713-6357 for more details!

Don't miss this fantastic opportunity!

Wayne Pitts, President

Ashe County Beekeepers Association

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Important Information from Ken Jenkins for President Wayne Pitts July 9, 2023

Important Information from Ken Jenkins for President Wayne Pitts

July 9, 2023

ACBA Members:

The ACBA has started planning for next year and we’d like your input into the make-up of the Leadership Team. If you are interested in serving in one of the roles listed below or would like to nominate someone else, please respond to this email by July 19th. If you have questions about the roles or the nominations process, please contact Ken Jenkins (kmmjenkins13@gmail.com) or Jim (newbeek2014@gmail.com).

Leadership Roles:

• President

• Vice President

• Secretary

• Treasurer

• Program Chairperson

• Board Member

Also, please check with David Tanner (Treasurer) at the next meeting about the status of your 2023 Membership Dues.

Ken Jenkins / Jim Rash

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Photo Contest - Submit an Entry Today! May 31, 2023 is the deadline for entries

Photo Contest - Submit an Entry Today!

May 31, 2023 is the deadline for entries

ACBA members, and beekeepers who are residents in any of the following High Country counties (Alleghany, Ashe, Avery, Mitchell, Watauga, Wilkes, and Yancey)...be sure to open the attached, downloadable file and send in your entry to the Photo Contest...

Email: Mail to your entry (JPEG photograph required) to ACBA here:

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Photo Contest (pdf 103.7 Kb)

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April 13, 2023

President Wayne Pitts sent the following minutes from the subject meeting of the ACBA:

6:00 PM - Meeting Called to Order by Wayne Pitts, President


1. Wayne made a presentation about Bee Festooning.

2. The group was updated on the recent NC meeting.

3. Wayne shared plans for ACBA’s support of the Ashe 4H Program (9-17 year olds).

Currently working with the local 4H representative to discuss opportunities to coordinate

efforts. He requested volunteers to help with the effort.

4. Wayne discussed examples of waivers (not sponsored by ACBA), explaining how they

could be used and their limitations.

- a. Memo of Understanding - helps set expectations with homeowner if you are

removing bees from their property.

- b. Hold Harmless Agreement - example of agreement you can have with home

owner that explains inherent risks in the process.

5. Education Committee - Kim Pitts covered multiple education events the ACBA has

planned for the upcoming weeks/months including;

- a. April 22 - Old Store in Grassey Creek

- b. April 28 - Mt View Elementary School

- c. July 19 - Library

- d. Several others that will be sent to the members in an email over the next week.

- e. Volunteers are needed for each event.

6. Members were reminded to pay their annual $10 dues and support for scholarships.

7. Blake noted that ACBA had an approved space at the Farmer’s Market from 8:00-1:00

on August 19. Also currently planning the Environmental Education Day on September

12 from 9:00-2:00.

- a. Blake also discussed Surrey County BeeKeepers starting a new race of queens

and a bee yard and noted ACBA might consider a similar effort, noting that they

received a grant to cover part of the cost.

- b. Farmers Market is sponsoring a Seed Swap that would be of interest to the

ACBA members.

8. James Wilkes updated the group on a workshop at ASU on May 6 and gave instructions

on how to register.

9. Plans for Christmas in July were discussed, highlights included;

- a. Saturday July 1st

- b. Cost of space $125 and $25 application fee

- c. Motion to approve made by Todd Swanson / motion passed

- d. Todd S. noted he has a tent / table that could be used

- e. Kim P. will create a sign-up sheet.

10. Wayne discussed details of Photo Contest and received agreement from the group to

proceed with draft plans.

11. Wayne gauged interest in having a couple of field trips during the summer and received

positive feedback from the group.

12. Wayne summarized a variety of local / state / regional meetings and events that would

be of interest to the members.

13. Jim Rash requested volunteers for the Cluster Mentoring Program

14. Wayne moderated a discussion about the current state of the member’s bees.


Wayne kicked off an online presentation on ‘Probiotics’ by Megan Domico from UNC-G

● In summary - evidence and independent trials does not support claims made about the

benefits of Probiotics, so don’t waste your money.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00.

Submitted by Ken Jenkins / Secretary.

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ACBA Meeting Notes

April 13, 2023

Hello to all,

I think we had a fine meeting last night! Thank you for your participation. I am attaching several files for your review. Here is what you need to know:

1. The rules for the ACBA Photo Contest are attached.

2. I've attached two documents that you can use if you have visitors to your apiary or if you capture swarms or do cutouts. I am NOT an attorney and these forms will not protect you if you are negligent.

3. I mentioned that there is an opportunity to participate in a beekeeping workshop at Appalachian State University on Saturday May 6. Participation is limited to 20 persons and will pay $300. A light breakfast and lunch are included. You must apply by clicking here.

4. If you are seeking a nuc, please let me know. I am aware of multiple persons with nucs available for the Spring.

5. Also, if you need a queens, let me know and I will send you details. We can also go in together and buy queens in bulk to save money on shipping, etc.

6. There are several volunteer opportunities with the education committee. We need you! Contact Kim Pitts kimpitts505@gmail.com if you are available to pitch in.

Best regards,

Wayne Pitts, President

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CutOutMOU (docx 15 Kb)
Hold Harmless and Consent to Participate (docx 13.8 Kb)
PhotoContest (pdf 74.4 Kb)

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ACBA April Meeting

April 13, 2023

Hello to all!

Finally, Spring is peeking through and I am so ready for it! I'm looking forward to seeing you all at the Ashe County Beekeepers Association Meeting this week. We'll be meeting on Thursday, April 13 at 6PM at the Asche County Cooperative Extension Office conference room. We have lots to discuss and an interesting presentation to share from Dr. Megan Damico on Probiotics for honey bees. We'll also learn more about festooning - not sure what that is? Come on out and we'll explain. See the attached agenda for more details.

As always, we appreciate donations for door prizes. We'll have pizza and soda beginning at 5:30PM. Also, if you haven't yet paid your 2023 dues, we invite you to find Treasurer David Tanner while you're at the meeting.

See you soon!

Wayne Pitts, President

Ashe County Beekeepers Association

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Agenda-041323 (1) (docx 199 Kb)

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Beekeeper Training Opportunity

March 31, 2023

HS Greene from Hidden Happiness called to let the Ashe County Beekeepers know that Robert Smith will be offering an advanced beekeeping course to help prepare for the NCBA Journeyman's exam beginning this weekend. As you may know Mr. Smith is on the Master Beekeeper Committee for the NC Beekeepers Association and that he is the one who prepares the study guides and online quizzes.

The class will meet at the Hidden Happiness Bee farm classroom at the following times:

Friday (3/31), 5-8PM

Saturday (4/1), 8AM-noon)

Friday (4/7) , 5-8PM

Saturday (4/8), 8AM-noon)

The cost is $100/person.

Hidden Happiness Bee Farm is located at Chestnut Mountain Rd, Deep Gap, NC 28618.

I'll be there, I hope you will too! Please let me know if you have questions about the event. Also, let me know if you plan to attend.

Happy apiaries,

Wayne Pitts

ACBA President

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ACBA Meetings and Upcoming Classes for 2022 & 2023

November 10, 2022

Keep in mind that the ACBA will continue to meet through the winter, although with a bit different format for December, January, and February. For these three months, we will offer special workshops on intermediate beekeeping skills, many that are relevant to the Journeyman exam and practical exercises. The Winter Beekeeping Workshops (during regularly scheduled ACBA meetings) will include the following topics:

December 8: Honeybee Biology Anatomy, Social Organization, Bee Pests, and Bee Diseases

January 12: Beekeeping History, Equipment and Managing Honeybee Wellbeing, and Pesticides

February 9: Plants, Pollination, Harvesting and Marketing Honeybee Products, and NCSBA

FYI, Jim Rash will be leading an Advanced Beekeeping Class through Wilkes Community College (Ashe Campus) beginning in the Spring that will build on these topics and further prepare participants to seek certification and/or study their Journeyman Exam.

Best regards,

Wayne Pitts

ACBA President

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New 2023 Officers

November 10, 2022

The new elected officers for 2023.

President - Wayne Pitts

Vice President - Todd Swanson

Secretary - Ken Jenkins

Treasurer - David Tanner

Program Director - Louise Rascoe

Board of Directors - Helen Baldwin, Jim Rash, (Teri Goodman has 2 years remaining on her term)

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Oxalic Treatments for Varroa Destructor

December 3, 2022

A message from Wayne Pitts,

Hello to all,

What's Happening?

On December 3rd between 3PM and 5PM (weather permitting, i.e., temps above 37 and not precipitating), We will be treating our bee hives with Oxalic Acid using our Varrox Eddy vaporizer and you are invited to participate.

What to bring?

Please bring your bee suit, goggles, gloves, and an adequate respirator (here's a blog that might help you decide which respirator specifications you favor). I use a NIOSH-approved, full face mask respirator with the acid gas cartridge plus the particulate filter similar to this one. I encourage you to do your own research. Without a respirator, you should not attend.

Why we favor oxalic acid sublimation as part of our Integrated Pest Management approach:

Perfect for applications when there is little to no brood in the hive.

It's not a chemical treatment. It’s an organic acid found just about everywhere in the environment including in plants and vegetables.

It's 90-99% effective at killing the mites with minimal damage to the bees and brood.

Sublimation is far better at reducing mite populations and showed no increase in bee mortality than trickle methods.

It's not as temperature sensitive as some other treatments.

Note: EPA regulations have shifted but we do not use oxalic acid when supers are on.

Directions: Our apiary is located at 462 Woods on New River Road in Lansing. We're in the neighborhood called Woods on the New River just off Woods on New River Road. When you turn off onto the gravel road go about 1/2 mile. We are located on the second drive on the right. You'll see a package box at the bottom. The bee yard is about 1/3 mile up.

Contact details: My cell number is 901-262-2325 if you need additional directions.I also text.

Incentive: We would be happy to loan out the Varrox Eddy to others who would like to use oxalic sublimation to treat their hives. This is an opportunity to learn more and try it out before you buy one.

Best regards,

Wayne Pitts

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